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Welcome to Heaven and Earth Growers.  This will give you a little information about our ministry, what we do, gardens we build, and total food distributed to pantries.  We’ve changed a few things around and added a page for recipes and how to cook the vegetables, as well as a page on How to Store Your Vegetables.  Please feel free to send in your favorite recipes.

  • Started Heaven and Earth Growers, NFP in 2006
  • First garden:  The Children’s Garden at Elmhurst Presbyterian Church 2007
  • Second Garden on Church Street in 2010
  • Third Garden established at Redeemer Lutheran Church 2013

All H&EG vegetables are grown organically.  We do not use pesticides, herbicides nor chemical fertilizers.  We do not recommend our home garden vegetable donors to use chemicals. The produce we raise is donated to food pantries in the local area.   Most food pantries receive canned foods high in salt and preservatives; markets donate produce that are often out of date and not organic and people won’t buy.   People with limited incomes rarely will purchase organic foods.  With our gardens, we try to make a difference in a small way.

We are kind to the earth and are grateful for our abundant harvests. WE GROW TO GIVE.

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