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Winter thoughts

It’s cold outside, but already I’m making moves about what I want to plant this summer.    The year 2012 was a hard summer with extreme heat in July and the drought that hit the Midwest really hard.   Farm crops suffered.   Already I’ve seen a change in the current winter.  Here, outside of Chicago, we still have not had a measurable snowfall in 320+ days.  We’ve had some rain and sleet, but no snow.  I can’t help but notice the killer heat down under in Australia right now:  122 degrees in the shade.  Is this what we have in store for this coming 2013 summer?  Heaven and Earth Growers did well with their harvest last year, but it took a lot of watering and dedicated volunteers to maintain the gardens.  We learn a lot from our harvests: what did good and what we won’t plant next year.  Keeping it simple is a bit hard for me because I like variety.  I end up planting tight rows – but a resolution this year to give my plants more space.   The H&EG gardens can simplify, but I might try new varieties in my home garden.  Thinking organic thoughts.


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